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Tim is an author, consultant and trainer, best known for his work with WordPress. He writes for the occasional magazine, publishes videos and occasionally podcasts. His site timnash.co.uk and his work within the WordPress is funded through corporate patrons and individuals. With their funding he is able to travel the UK giving talks.

Tim Nash
Speakers Website: https://timnash.co.uk/
Follow on Twitter: @tnash
WordPress Essex Meetup

Tim Nash's Talks:

Going to the dark side, they have cookies

01 February 2019

Everyone should be a little bit worried about the security of their site, and at conferences, lots of security talks focus on practical steps people […]

Waterfall & Unicorns

01 November 2017

“I want my site to load fast” – every site owner. Getting a site running fast even with lots of visitors is something that plagues […]

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